Ohio native and Collision Records dual threat artist Christon Gray recently announced that his debut album “School of Roses” is set to be released this year (2014). If you ever heard of the all-star crew WLAK you would have heard of Christon’s vocals on the hit single, “Long Way Down.” I was introduced to Christon through his mixtape Body Art, which was a lyrical and musical masterpiece. We are real excited to see what Christon has to offer with the album.

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"The Urban Gospel Mission desires to be the bridge between the gospel and urban culture by presenting articles, videos, testimonies, music, and discussions that not only answer culturally relevant problems, but also point to solutions for each issue. We believe that most young adults in our culture are fed up with dry, traditional, moralist, irrelevant religion, which causes them to want to get as far away from anything Jesus-related as possible. Therefore, we strive to show the dynamic, culturally relevancy of the Faith in every day issues in order to lead people to a gospel explanation, which will transform their lives and then the world."
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