Yesterday night was the highly anticipated and nationally viewed 54th annual Grammy award show. During the ceremony, dozens of musicians were honored for their outstanding performance in 2011 by receiving the highly acclaimed “Grammy” award. And as each artist took the stage to receive their Grammy, I began to notice that most of them said the same phrase in their opening statements, “I’d like to first thank God for helping me win this award…”


While most people view those words to be extremely humbling and glorifying to God, I am not as easily impressed. Most award winners, but not all, don’t thank God out of a over compassionate heart and love for him, rather they only thank him because it’s the cultural norm and it’s what their publicist had previously told them to do.

I am not trying to be a cynical “negative Nancy” but we have to admit that we are often confused during these award ceremonies. For example, when an artist makes a song about glorifying sin, and then gets on stage and thanks God for giving them a great song idea, doesn’t that make us scratch our heads a little bit? Or when an artist makes a music video degrading women and depicting them as a piece of meat, yet later on thanking God for helping them make such a great video, do we not see something wrong with that picture? How can you mix God and sin as one in the same sentence? That doesn’t make any sense at all.

That would be like an Auburn football player going on stage for his Heisman speech and saying, “I would like to thank the University of Alabama football program for helping me win this award today, I couldn’t have done it without them.” Auburn and Alabama are complete enemies, by being a success to Auburn you are a failure to Alabama. The same way God and sin are complete enemies, achieving success due to your sin is a failure in the eyes of God. You can’t give thanks to God for something that you did out of your own selfish ambition, and you can’t thank God for something that you did against his will.


People need to understand that God does not delight or enjoy in people living in sin, rather, he hates it with all his being. Just because a person gives thanks to God on an award show, it doesn’t mean that they actually live for God in real life. Especially when the award they won was due to a sinful act or song that was against the commandments of God.

And the bible clearly speaks against the idea of honoring God with your mouth but disregarding him with your actions in the book of Isaiah,

And the Lord said: “Because this people draw near with their mouth and honor me with their lips, while their hearts are far from me…” – Isaiah 29:13


We need to stop being impressed by what people say but more impressed by what people do. Because, it is one thing to thank God during an award show when everyone is looking, but it’s another thing to live for God behind closed doors, when no one is around.

Like I said, God is not pleased with anyone living and glorifying sin. And I think it would make more sense for an artist to go on stage and give thanks to themselves for their achievements, instead of God. No one will be mad, rather, people will be happier and it would make a lot more sense.

Don’t thank him unless you live for him.

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