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“Have it your way” is a popular theme that we live by in our culture. We are looking for products that fit our personal preferences and desires. We want the perfect phone, the perfect car, and even the perfect church. So we travel from church to church, looking for a church that fits our every desire. “Which church has the best music? Which church has the best preacher? Which church asks for tithes the least?” These are many examples of questions that we ask as we are in search for a church home, and whenever a church doesn’t meet our expectations we are on to the next church. Unfortunately this idea is not biblical. God did not call us to jump from church to church. God called all believers to establish their feet in one place by serving in one covenant church community.


One of the biggest problems that many people in our society have is with understanding the idea of commitment. We do not understand the importance of committing to something or someone for a long period of time. This shows with the divorce rate being 51%, and the average American changing careers 5-7 times during their lifetimes. This lack of commitment is also carried into the way Christians commit to the local church. We treat the local church as if it were a middle school girlfriend, by leaving whenever a problem our difficulty arises, “The pastor said something that I did not like, time to go to another church.” “I don’t feel connected, time to go to another church.” “I don’t like the way this church takes communion, time to go to another church.”

Not only is this lack of commitment unreasonable, but it is also unbiblical. We are not part of a church because any one church is perfect, we are called to be part of a church because Christ loved and died for the church.


The lie that we believe in American culture is that the church is a building or a weekly service, and since we believe that lie we only judge a church on how good their weekly service is. The church is not a weekly service or a building, rather it is a family of believers untied together under proper biblical leadership that is called to be on mission to reconcile the world back to God. Whenever you are part of a family you will also have to deal with the struggles and difficulties of being together. So if the church is a family, and no one family is perfect, how can we expect the church to be perfect?


The love and desire of seeing souls saved should compel all believers to want to be together in a local church. The church body is divided due to the selfishness and lack of commitment of American culture. This lack of commitment also affects families, marriages, and friendships. We have to stop going to church everywhere and start being a part of church somewhere. If church is only viewed as a weekly meeting, then people will just shop around for the best meeting in town. We should look for a church that teaches the Bible, love Jesus, and hates sin, and stay with it because Christ died for the church.


About Yonathan Tadesse

Yonathan Tadesse is a student at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. After graduation, he will be teaching High School Math in Dallas, TX. He is a co-founder of the Urban Gospel Mission and has a desire to see young believers become passionate about the Word of God and its application in both daily life and ministry.
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